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Our shipping Policies

After submitting the order form and/or other detailed information required by us to facilitate your order, You can proceed to place your order. After your order is placed, we will then go ahead to verify the details, and only after we are completely satisfied and make sure all necessary information is available, then we will proceed by sending the order confirmation to you.

It should be noted that the buyer can cancel all or part of the order at any time at Chemical Routes’s sole discretion. This should be early enough and before the order is shipped.

In case of an order cancellation, and before the order has been shipped, we will validate and accept your request and prepare a refund for your order.


We take pride in speedy delivery

Once we validate and send your order confirmation via email, we shall and on a best endeavor basis, deliver the products you ordered on or before the stipulated time as will be indicated in the order confirmation letter to you.

The delivery will be carried out by any of our suited delivery partners with the best delivery success in your area and a positive track record for our over all experience.

In case of any delays, we will do our best to notify you and such delay may not give the buyer any right to claim for damages or compensation from us. Estimated delivery time can range between 5-7 days from our experience and does not include Sundays and public holidays

Our word is our bond

We shall fulfill our obligation to make sure the order is delivered as per our order confirmation and into the charge of our carrier. All applicable shipping and handling fees, special packaging materials, carrier surcharge and hazardous material fees which may be imposed by the government regulations shall be taking care of by Chemical Route. A sign of good faith doing business with us.

For re-shipping, we will only re-ship once and if your package is being held by customs, roughly handled or misplaced. We will not offer a free re-shipping for any other case.

For returns, we offer a life time free returns in case you are not satisfied. We will notify you on how the packaged can be easily returned to us FREE of charge and your funds sent back to you.