Psychedelics (or also called visionary substances) are part of the classification of drugs containing chemicals having stimulant properties. The name comes from Greek words referring to the ancient Egyptian god of magic, Osiris. Psychedelics often produce altered states of consciousness, where one may experience things not usual or possible. The name “psychedelics” came from the Greek word “auropsis”, which means “seeing visions”. Some of these visionary substances produce side effects in certain individuals; others have very limited side effects.


What are psychedelics used for?

Psychedelics are used widely by many people who consider themselves “entheogenic”. These individuals feel strongly drawn towards spiritualism and often have unexplainable visions. There are religious and ceremonial groups that use these drugs in ritualistic meditation and prayer. They are also widely used by people who want to open up to experiences with highly elevated levels of “consciousness”.

What are some common types of hallucinogenic drugs?

These include lysergic acid, phenylethylamine, lysergic, ibuprofen, ethanol, and heroin. Some of these, like lysergic acid and phenethylamine, are also sometimes used as recreational drugs. What are the effects of each of these? Psychedelics have unique effects on the human mind and body.

LSD is a very potent psychedelic substance derived from lysine. It produces visual and auditory illusions, as well as disorientation, anxiety, panic attacks, and feelings of being out of the body. Many psychiatrists consider it to be a psychosis-inducing drug.

What are some common causes of “LSD” abuse and why are there still people using it today?

The most popular and common cause for abuse is the use of illicitly obtained LSD or ecstasy.

The primary effect of LSD is an altered state of consciousness that usually results in the user having an out of body experience or a spiritual epiphany. Other common physical effects from LSD are intense visuals (color, sound, and images can be highly altered), nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and heart palpitations.

What are some common causes for using Psychedelics legally and what are some popular forms of Psychedelics use?

Psychedelic use has been used widely in the United States since the 60’s. It is often used by young adults to try to make sense of traumatic or life-changing events. It was originally used as an inducement to help those who were going through a drug addiction experience. It has been noted as a successful treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD (which are Post-traumatic stress disorders) as well as for helping people overcome chemical dependency issues. Some forms of Psychedelic use have been shown to have health benefits for users.

Psychedelics Mushrooms

In a very small percentage of cases, LSD is abused and people use it recreationally. Oftentimes, young people get LSD because they want to be in a “high” position. Sometimes they just want to consume an illegal substance. It is a common trend among young people to experiment with new drugs. However, it should be noted that LSD abuse can lead to the abuse of other drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, etc…

One of the most popular forms of LSD abuse is to use the drug “Mushrooming”. It involves ingesting a small amount of LSD, then jumping out of the shower or swimming pool. This can cause some serious and long-lasting effects that are sometimes fatal. These effects include memory loss, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeats, vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, and in extreme cases death.

Other psychedelic uses

Another popular type of “Psychedelic” use is to consume large amounts of Psychedelic. For example, if someone is prescribed Psychedelic to help with depression, they may also take it to help them relax. Many users choose to do this when their mind is too stressed, tired or feeling blue. The effects can be devastating for those who take large amounts of Psychedelic without medical supervision. In addition, it is very important to have a Psychedelic evaluation done by a certified psychiatrist before ingesting any type of Psychedelic to avoid any side effects.

Many people choose to use Psychedelic legally in order to alleviate their anxiety or stress. For example, many people who suffer from panic attacks will consume large amounts of Psychedelic in order to calm themselves down. Another common reason people use Psychedelic is to deal with withdrawal symptoms from certain prescription drugs, such as Ritalin. Many people who consume large amounts of Psychedelic to ease the painful symptoms of withdrawal will report that it helps relieve their discomfort considerably. Another common use of Psychedelic is to treat OCD, which is a condition characterized by repetitive, unwanted behavior.

Psychedelic is quite popular in the United States today and is widely available in several different forms. It is most commonly sold as a tab, capsule, or liquid extract. Tab and capsule versions are most commonly found in supermarkets and online. The liquid extract is most commonly found in bathtubs and private homes and is often used to calm anxiety or celebrate life.