Recently there has been an Extenze trend that has caught on in the male enhancement market. This product is made of all-natural ingredients and just recently was introduced to the public. All of this leads one to wonder what Extenze really is all about. So let’s take a look at this new product and see if it is worth your money (1).

Extenze is a natural pill that contains herbal ingredients such as ginseng, Cayenne, Tribulus Terrestris, L-arginine, and many others. Extenze Maximum Strength Extenze Male Enhancement Gelcaps is the common description that is used on the labels.

It is manufactured by Jansport, a private company based in Florida. Other companies that manufacture similar medicines include Actonel, Jansport, Teva, Actonel Corporation, Wigral, and Schonlein pharmaceuticals.

Claims From the Manufacturers

The makers of Extenze are claiming that this product contains all-natural ingredients and that it is purely herbal. All of the ingredients are said to be safe for human consumption and have been approved by the FDA. One ingredient in particular that has been in the news is Ginkgo biloba, which is supposed to be able to increase blood flow to the penis when taken. The theory behind Extenze is that if you treat erectile dysfunction with a supplement then you should also see an increase in sexual stamina and performance.

Extenze Comparison With other Sex Enhancement Drugs

The ingredients in Extenze are based on the same theories behind Viagra and Cialis (2). They are based on enabling the body to produce nitric oxide naturally and increasing blood flow to the penis. The Ginkgo Biloba extract is the main ingredient that is said to be responsible for the increased blood flow to the penis. There are other ingredients such as L-arginine and Tribulus Terrestris but the main ingredient behind Extenze is Ginkgo Biloba, and a few others (3)(4).

However, the biggest question that you may have is whether or not Extenze will cause side effects to those that use it. The first thing to know is that these are all-natural ingredients and no studies have been done on either the safety or the effectiveness of Extenze. However, since Extenze is a new product on the market it is best to give it time to see how well it performs among those that have tried it. Some people do report having mild dizziness or lightheadedness when using Extenze and taking large doses. However, this feeling usually goes away within thirty minutes and is generally milder than what would be expected from an over-the-counter male enhancement supplement (5).


Another question that most people ask about Extenze is whether or not it is safe. While Extenze is not approved by the FDA as a prescription-strength product, there are several reasons why it is considered a dietary supplement. Those asking the question are looking to find out if Extenze is a safe avenue to take for their sexual health. The main ingredient found in Extenze is sildenafil, which is also known as a blood pressure-lowering ingredient. If you have blood pressure issues then this could be just what you need to lower your blood pressure to normal levels (6).

Many people take medications such as Viagra or Cialis for erectile dysfunction treatment. However, these medications can have some negative side effects when used over a long period of time. For example, Viagra can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, Cialis can cause headaches and muscle tension and while some people notice a decrease in these symptoms with Viagra and other similar medications, none of these medications are truly effective when treating erectile dysfunction. That’s why many people have found that they can get the same results from Extenze by purchasing it online for just a portion of the cost of a prescription (7).

A major problem with Extenze was that, during a study, two male subjects tested positive for having an elevated heart rate. One of the subjects had a very high heart rate and the other one did not. They had also been taking the drug for a long period of time. It was determined that this was due to the lack of magnesium in their body.

There may be some side effects which only surface after the drug has been administered. In some cases, the patient may develop pneumonia or urinary tract infections. There is also a risk of depression. Depression is quite common as people get older.


Some women have reported experiencing allergic reactions to Extenze. Some of these reactions include vomiting, dizziness, and severe rashes. A rare but possible side effect is jaundice (8) (9). This may require hospitalization and you may need to stay in the hospital for a few days.

There are many supplements that claim to improve sexual performance. You should check with your doctor if Extenze can help improve your sex life. It is not intended for treating sexual problems. It may also not be safe for those who practice oral sex.

Some users of Extenze experience headaches, nausea, and stomach ache. These side effects are generally mild. Some Extenze users also experience tingling in their hands and feet, which may be confused with an allergic reaction. Rarely, severe side effects like confusion and unconsciousness may occur.

You should avoid taking Extenze if you are pregnant or if you suffer from seizure disorders. Extenze is also contraindicated in patients with glaucoma. It should never be combined with alcohol. It should never be taken with dietary supplements or medications that increase the heart rate or cause palpitations.

If you are taking other prescription medications, you should check with your doctor before taking Extenze. Extenze may interact with some medications. This is especially true of blood pressure medications. If you develop a negative reaction to Extenze, contact your doctor immediately and request that your blood pressure be checked.