How do people use synthetic cathinones?

Synthetic cathinones can either be smoked, snort, swallow, or injected (1). The way to use synthetic cathinone will greatly depend on the form of the compound. They can either come in powder, liquid, and crystalline solids. In America and Europe, many young people use snort to sniff drugs for a variety of “highs”. The street name for snort to sniff is “stink”. In some cases, the way these synthetic cathinones are being used goes a long way to demonstrate that, these drugs, when used recreationally, can have real benefits – effects, if you will, in the long term.


Since people can get high just by sniffing the stuff, scientists are trying to figure out how does it work. Is it an entheogen, which means that it increases awareness and mood; it may stimulate neurotransmitters in the human brain or possibly even help regulate locomotion. However, scientists aren’t sure how do people use synthetic cathinones affect the human brain. It’s still unclear as to whether it acts like an actual drug or if it simply mimics one. There is some evidence that demonstrates how the drug works, but much is still unknown about how do people use synthetic cathinones affect the human brain.

Can Their Addictive Nature Affect Recreational Use?

We know that cathinone drugs (baths salts) (2) can be highly addictive because they have the ability to bring on “speed” or the feeling of euphoria. What most of us don’t understand is how the drug works in the body. Although the drug can technically be used recreationally, it is most commonly ingested in a controlled substance (like bath salts). People who use bath salts are showing a very rapidity in their physical actions – it would appear they’re trying to “fly” or “boom”.

So, how does this fit into all this? Well, we know that bath salts, including synthetic cathinones are highly addictive, because they act like highly addictive illegal street drugs – they create a strong chemical reaction in the brain. And since the brain has no difficulty in dealing with the physical effects of these drugs, they can be easily and quickly passed from one person to the next. When bath salts are used recreationally, the euphoric feelings produced by the drug cause the brain to release even more dopamine and neurochemicals than normal.

Now, this may sound pretty fascinating, but what exactly are the effects of using bath salts to make us feel this way?

Bath Salts

Well, there are two main things that have been found to be related to using this type of drug recreationally. The first of these is a sort of side-effect – a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. The second is the creation of new brain cells in the reward pathway, the part of our brain that is associated with pleasure. It has been found that the amount of synthetic cathinones in a person’s bloodstream can affect the production of these new brain cells – which explains why people who take them in pill form can experience a “high” as well.

Using Synthetic Cathinone Recreationally

There is an important thing to keep in mind when thinking about how do people use synthetic cathinones in any recreational way at all. The designer drug market has made the availability of these chemicals very accessible and easy to access for just about anyone. This means that there are many different types of cathinone bath salts available on the market today, which means that it is up to each individual to determine which type of cathinone is right for them. For example, one of the most popular types of cathinone is called “Mephedrone”.

In the last two decades, it has become very popular to use this type of designer drug in the form of a powder form. The reason for this is that it is easier to mix it into a powder form and then simply inhale it. Because the pure amount of the active ingredient is diluted in the powder form, the user is not getting as high of an experience as they would if it were in its liquid or capsule form. Many people choose to take a couple of sprits before performing any sexual activity to get the full effect of the designer drug without risking the health and safety of their partner. Another great thing about this type of drug is that it is much safer than most other kinds of pharmaceutical medications, so long as you do your research and stay within the recommended dosages!