What are Psychedelics?

Psychedelics are not just for druggists anymore! In fact, they are more popular than ever with those who just want to have an adventure or have a spiritual experience. Psychedelics were used by many cultures across the globe for their spiritual and mystical associations. LSD, magic mushrooms, Mescaline, and DMT have all been used as medicine or psychotropic drug. Some even consider them to be sacred (1).

The effects of Psychedelics vary according to who is using them. They can help people recover from traumatic experiences or help them deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. They can also be used to help people quit smoking, alcohol, or other addictions. Many people who take Psychedelics in lower doses experience a marked improvement in their health, as well as an increase in creativity and a more open outlook on life (1a). However, in high doses, these same substances can cause things like paranoia, psychosis, and even schizophrenia (2).

Common Types of Psychedelics

Among the most common types of Psychedelic substances are LIDS (LSD acid, tacetyl-LSD, and psilocybin) and mushrooms (especially the classic psilocybin mushroom, which is the most well known and easily accessible). Psychedelic substances can also be made from mescaline, indole-3-carbinol, and ibuprofen. Allergic reactions can occur from taking too much of these substances, and the body can convert them into other substances that are harmful to health. Excessive use can lead to a wide range of unpleasant and dangerous side effects, including memory loss, depersonalization, panic attacks, psychosis, depression, seizures, mania, delusions, psychosis, blunting of responses, confusion, and even addiction to these drugs (3).

Psychedelics Mushrooms

Psychedelic drug users can be split into two groups: those who take only a small amount of Psychedelic drugs; and those who take a large amount of Psychedelic drugs and experience a complete change in their mental health. A recent study carried out in participants of a study called the Addiction Severity Index showed that there was a strong link between abuse of Psychedelic drugs and the increased likelihood of having addictive behaviors. This is particularly true in people who take the smallest amounts of Psychedelic drugs. But this doesn’t mean that if you only have a small amount of Psychedic you’re fine – for example, if you take a very large amount of any of the mushrooms listed above you could seriously have some seriously negative effects on your health. It’s important for potential participants to consult their doctor if they plan to start taking Psychedelic in any form.

Psychedelic refers to a variety of drugs which contain a range of different chemical elements. Among the most common of Psychedelics are ayahuasca and lysergic acid. There are many ways in which Psychedic can be consumed. It can be used as an intravenous drug, smoked, or drank as a tea or tincture. Each method has its pros and cons (4).


Ayahuasca is one of the primary ingredients in making a traditional “Psychedelic breakfast” in South America. It is extremely popular in many countries around the World. Although it has a relatively low therapeutic potential, it can induce strong visual and audio responses among participants – it is widely believed to induce near-death experiences in some people. In Brazil, it is commonly used in conjunction with other psychological treatments.

Lately, there’s been an increase in the popularity of Psychedelic mushrooms among its users, particularly in the United States. The most common of these, Mispa Hyoscyamus, or more commonly known as “Psiliskan”, is often used as a stand-alone medicine with a focus on anxiety and depression treatment. However, it is also used in combination with certain psychotropic drugs, most commonly things like SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), to treat a wide range of psychological disorders. It has also recently been discovered to have very strong anticarcinogenic effects, which makes it particularly effective in treating people with Parkinson’s disease.


Some common elements of Psychedelic drugs and other types of psychedelic drugs that have a high potential for abuse are the use of Psychedelics with street names, the possibility of someone having a recreational holiday while on the drug, and the potential for someone to take an innocent young person to a therapist and convince them to “recondition” them. Though these types of Psychedelics like Mephedrone and Acid are not as highly researched as most other psychedelic drugs, it is important to remember that all Psychedelics can have dangerous consequences. If you or someone you know has an addiction problem, please seek help.